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Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light FOUR ZERO has been located at Naval Station Mayport, Florida since its establishment on October 04, 1985. The Airwolves of HSL-40 train the Atlantic Fleet's SH-60B Fleet Replacement Pilots (FRPs) and Fleet Replacement Aircrews (FRACs). These young men and women students are trained to fully utilize the SH-60B Seahawk's operational capabilities in its role as a force multiplier.

The SH-60B is the backbone of LAMPS MK III, an integrated weapons system with equipment and operators airborne and aboard ship. "LAMPS" is an acronym for the "Light Airborne Multi-purpose System", and is designed for employment aboard Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates. Using advanced technology, the helicopter extends the search and attack capabilities of the parent ship. Two standard airborne computers provide the crew of three with highly accurate navigation, submarine detection, and surface targeting capabilities. Once detection is confirmed and attack authorization has been received, the crew can fire up to two MK-46 or MK-50 Torpedoes, 4 AGM-114B/K Hellfire anti-ship missiles or 1 AGM-119B Penguin anti-ship missile against hostile targets.

While Undersea Warfare (USW) and Surface Warfare (SUW) are the Seahawk's primary missions, it stays true to its "Multi-Purpose" designation by being tasked with a variety of secondary missions. These include Anti-Ship Surveillance and Targeting (ASST), Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC), Communications Relay (COMREL), Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP), and Search and Rescue (SAR).

To successfully train the crews of such a complex weapons platform, HSL-40 employs a comprehensive program of classroom, simulator, and on-the-job training. Sixty-five fleet-seasoned pilot and aircrew instructors, accompanied by more than one hundred and sixty experienced maintenance technicians, ensure students receive the highest quality of individual training. The squadron is comprised of fourteen aircraft, three weapons/tactical trainers and two full motion, full visual, operational flight simulators. The training devices, through computer integration, produce the latest in real world simulations to economically complement actual flight training.

Upon completion of the curriculum at HSL-40, students are prepared for the challenges of serving on an operational SH-60B detachment aboard small-deck warships at sea.

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