Aviation Electronics Technician


AT Rate


    Aviation Electronics Technicians (ATs) repair some of the most advanced electronics systems in the world today.  Repair can include anything from flight deck troubleshooting of the pilot's electronic weapons system on an F-14 Tomcat aircraft to changing computer circuit cards in an air conditioned shop.


     AT's also have the opportunity to fly in what they fix and get paid extra while they do it.  Naval aircrew volunteers can fly in various types of Naval aircraft from helicopters to jets.



   Aviation Electronics Technicians troubleshoot and fix a number of complex electronics systems. Employing all the latest test equipment and procedures.  AT's put their training to use repairing systems such as:


Working Enviroment

    AT's perform duties at sea and ashore all over the world.  They may work indoors, outdoors, in a shop enviroment or on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.  They work closely with others,  require little or no supervision, and do mental and physical work of a technical nature.   AT's may be assigned to Naval Air Stations, squadrons deployed to aircraft carriers, frigates or other  Naval vessels or other aviation facilities in the United States or overseas. During a 20 year period in the Navy, AT's spend about 60% of their time assigned to fleet units and 40% to shore stations.